Prices as of April 2020


If you're at all unsure about what your commission will add up to, drop us a line  or give us a call 07956448349  Our staff are very friendly and accommodating. If they're not in, please leave a message.They'll probably be out taking Pips for a walk or scouring the shops for my favourite line in gourmet pate.

Size 1 Pet 2 Pets 3 pets 4 pets 5 pets Mount and Frame Recored delivery postage
A 4  £85 £100 £125 £150   Included Included
A 3 £110 £135 £160 £180 £160 Included Included

All our frames are hand made in Scorton, Lancashire by Martin at Bowland Framers. We get him to use high quality acrylic instead of glass, so our products won't get damaged in postage.

How do I pay ?

After approval of a 'ruff” we’ll message or email you the amount with payment details for a bank transfer or Paypal

Once payment has been received we’ll immediately post the original to you.

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