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Prices as of April 2019

Here's a list of our incredibly competeitive prices. Remember during the month of October there is a further 10% reduction on all prices.

If you're at all unsure about what your commission will add up to, drop us a line info@pipsandbeans.co.uk  or give us a call 07956448349  Our staff are very friendly and accommodating. If they're not in, please leave a message.They'll probably be out taking Pips for a walk or scouring the shops for my favourite line in gourmet pate.

Size 1 Pet 2 Pets 3 pets 4 pets 5 pets Mount and Frame Recored delivery postage
A 4  £85 £100 £115 £125   Included Included
A 3 £100 £120 £140 £150 £160 Included Included

All our frames are hand made in Scorton, Lancashire by Martin at Bowland Framers.https://www.facebook.com/webstersfarmlancs We get him to use high quality acrylic instead of glass, so our products won't get damaged in postage.

How do I pay ?

After approval of a 'ruff” we’ll message or email you the amount with payment details for a bank transfer or Paypal

Once payment has been received we’ll immediately post the original to you.

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