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We capture the personality of your pet!


 Special offer for early Christmas orders.

We expect to be very busy in  November and December but if you order in the month of October we'll give you a %10 discount on our, already, incredibly competitive prices.


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              Bespoke Pet Caricatures

 Miaowww..I am Baron von Edmonton Alaska of Nova Scotia, but my friends call me Beans for short. I'm the instigator a of new business venture, with my barking mad associate Pips.

We are partners, well I'm the sleeping partner, and Pips is the general dogsbody.

Our business is ( and this is the clever bit ) getting our human subordinates to draw funny pictures of our pals.


A wonderful, bespoke and hand drawn pet caricature could be a treasured and life long reminder of a much loved furry friend.


What's more, we've told our human artists to donate 5% of all our fees to animal charities... Purrfect!

Grrrrreat idea, but i hear you thinking……


But how do I go about ordering one of these wonderful creations.?

Well all you have to do to get your paws on a  bespoke hand drawn pet caricature is e mail a photograph and a brief description of your pet's character to us at

Or message us at

Our faithful and loyal staff of human artists will do the rest.


Its a quick and easy process... We’ll e mail you a “ruff” for your approval before finishing the work, and upon payment will post the picture mounted and if required, framed. 

Depending on demand, you should receive your picture within a week.


So how much does it cost for a bespoke pet caricature ?

Well the basic pet caricature product is a 9”x7” mounted, hand drawn and coloured drawing of a single pet with its favourite toy or other feature.

This costs just £50 including postage

Framing is available from a very reasonable £20 including packaging and postage.


See our prices and sizes page for a basic price list


Of course our artists can accommodate any variations on a theme, e.g.. two or three pets together on a larger format,  or, if you have a soecial setting in mind, lots of background detail. .

 If you're unsure about how much your commission will cost, don't be afraid to e mail us or call,(+44) 01524 65742 our staff are fully trained and very friendly. We give them treats for good behaviour.


How do I pay ?

After approval of the “ruff” we’ll e mail you an invoice with payment by bank transfer, or pay-pal

Once payment has been received we’ll immediately post the original bespoke pet caricature  to you.